With the end of our first complete two year cycle, we have firmly established the Nature Coast CISMA, building on the 2011 start with help (and prodding!) from Florida Invasive Species Partnership. During this time we have reached many of our goals as set forth in the five year plan, while others remain to be accomplished. We have had early success with trainings and informational speakers at meetings, assisted by the expertise of a wide variety of plant professionals.

We have narrowed our focus and found our identity as an interagency partnership that will now seek to educate and recruit more volunteers and private landowners for workdays and other events. I thank the steering committee and my Co-Chair Jim King for his great support and encouragement as the ambassador of the group in this fledgling period. Bob and Eryn have stepped up as the new Co-Chairs of the CISMA and I think their enthusiasm will continue to motivate us. We are fortunate to have a structure to build on and good people to take us forward into 2016. I am excited to see what we do next.

Keith Morin Past Chair, Nature Coast CISMA September 11, 2015