Osceola Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas

The Osceola CISMA consists of Osceola County, a 1,506 square mile area dominated by rural landscape such as pasture, pine flatwoods, cypress swamps and marsh. Protecting this landscape from invasive species requires a coordinated and dedicated effort to preserve the natural resources of the county. The Osceola CISMA is one of the many statewide regional partnerships to prevent and control invasive species in Florida and works closely with neighboring Heartland CISMA, Central Florida CISMA and East Central Florida CISMA in this effort.

The first formal organizational meeting was held in August 2007, building on an existing strong network of partners in this county. The working group reorganized and gained momentum in July 2013. Successes include forming a steering committee made up of public agencies, NGOs and private landowners; preparing a draft agreement that clearly defines roles, responsibilities, and the sharing of funds and resources among stakeholders.

The Osceola Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area's mission is to create a partnership of federal, state, and local government agencies, private land owners, individuals, and various interested groups, that develop resources, educate, and share information to manage invasive species in Osceola County.

Osceola CISMA