Florida Invasive Species Partnership (FISP)

The mission of the Florida Invasive Species Partnership (FISP) is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of partnership approaches to preventing and controlling invasives species through increased communication, coordination and shared resources in order to protect wildlife habitat, working lands, natural communities and biodiversity in Florida.

If landowners and land managers in Florida wish to achieve long-term success, it is critical to:

  • Reach out and collaborate with all stake holders, including private landowners.
  • Focus on prevention as well as treatment.

To see our commitment - please click here to read the Florida Invasive Species Partnership Resolution and see a list of current signatories.


  • Encourage voluntary partnerships to increase effectiveness and decrease costs of comprehensive invasive species management
  • Encourage the development, implementation and sharing of new and/or innovative approaches to address the threat of invasive species
  • Provide tools and resources that enable the development of unified approaches, bridging the gap between private landowners and land management agency invasive species efforts.


  • Promote and participate in partnerships and collaborative efforts to address invasive species on statewide, regional and local levels (i.e., Florida Invasive Species Partnership and Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas)
  • Establish and maintain an interactive website at www.FloridaInvasives.org, providing information to address and resolve problems relating to invasive species and serving as a central repository for invasive species partnership efforts
  • Develop and maintain a database of existing incentive programs that can be used for invasive species management on public and private lands
  • Provide targeted outreach and training for invasive species management in Florida, including the use of innovative approaches