Agricultural Lands Easements (ALE)

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Agency NameNatural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (USDA FSA)
Affiliationfederal government
Web Site
Project Annual Funding Level varies
Range of Funding (Landowner) $10-$16.5 per acre
Criteria for funding project Privately owned grasslands predominantly supporting grazing operations; or land that is located in an area that historically has been dominated by grassland, forbs, or shrubland that has the potential to serve as wildlife habitat of significant ecological value
Geographic Coverage AreaAll counties. National.
Description of ProgramThe program emphasizes support for working grazing operations, enhancement of plant and animal biodiversity, and protection of grasslands under threat of conversion to cropping, urban development and other activities. Restoration agreements on either rental contracts or conservation easements may be required for some properties.
When are landowner applications accepted?Continuous, closest batching date 31st October 2011 for Florida. All applicants after above date will be considered in 2012.
Match Required?Yes. 50%-75% federal match.
Target Invasive Species?All Listed species
Any other Requirements or Eligibility?Individuals or entities that have an adjusted gross income exceeding $1 million for the three tax years immediately preceding are not eligible to receive program benefits or payments.
Agreement RequiredYes. 10 years or more
Permanent Contact PersonJim Williams or Elizabeth Crane-Wexler
Contact number(202) 720-9562 or (202) 690-1905 respectively
e-mail or respectively
contacted last2016-03-30 00:00:00.0