Florida Landowner Assistance

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Landowner Assistance Program:

The Landowner Assistance Program can provide technical assistance and conservation plan preparation at no cost for private landowners, as well as recognition and education to those participating in our programs. There are no acreage limitations to receive habitat management guidance.

UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension (UF IFAS):

Provides a wealth of resources and technical assistance for every landowner. Contact your local Extension agent for questions related to species identification, management, and more.

Florida Forest Service Resources:

    • Contact your local forester: County Foresters provide technical assistance to meet the goals of today’s private forest landowners through implementation of sustainable forestry principles on their lands.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program:

Provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners interested in improving habitat for migratory birds, endangered, threatened and at-risk species while maintaining their primary land management goals.

FL Coordinator: Chad Allison

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas:

A voluntary coalition of agencies and organizations with a stake in invasive species management at the regional level. Your local CISMA is a way to connect with the folks working on these issues within your region and find opportunities to leverage resources and management efforts.

Additional programs available to private landowners:

There are other organizations that provide grants or incentives for improving wildlife habitats on private lands, which includes reducing invasive species and restoring native species. Recognition programs typically do not have a monetary component but can serve as an incentive for homes, neighborhoods, and businesses to remove invasive species.