Management 101


All stages of invasive species management require public awareness and engagement. Every Floridian has a role to play in protecting our environment and quality of life from the impacts of invasive species. Understanding how to prevent their spread and reporting invasive species when found are 2 of the most impactful actions we can all take.


​The most effective strategy against invasive species is to prevent them from ever being introduced and established. Preventive measures typically offer the most cost-effective means to minimize or eliminate environmental and economic impacts. Prevention relies on a diverse set of tools and methods, including education and public awareness.​

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) increases the likelihood that localized invasive species populations will be found, contained, and eradicated before they become widely established. EDRR can slow range expansion, and avoid the need for costly long-term control efforts.​

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Each CISMA has an EDRR program focused on early detection and control of invasive plants that are likely to be eradicable within it’s boundaries. Click here for more info.

The long-term control of invasive species is costly but critical to protect natural areas, economic stability, and our quality of life. It requires a suite of integrated pest management strategies including physical, mechanical, and chemical control as well as biological controls when available.​ See Resources below for more information on these methods.



Information on Biocontrol in Florida:​