Upland Plant Management Strategy

 The Commission's long term program objective is to reduce infestations of invasive non-native upland plants on public lands by 25 percent by 2010, based on the 1995 levels of 1.5 million acres. The overall strategy relies on these components:

  1. Inventory and map the distribution of invasive, non-native plant species utilizing a Geographic Information System database by the year 2010;
  2. Research the appropriate introduction and use of biological control agents and provide procedures and facilities for their cultivation, dissemination, and evaluation including monitoring and field assessments by the year 2010;
  3. Implement an integrated control program utilizing chemical, mechanical, and biological control technologies. Modify implementation procedures as appropriate to specific public land areas to assure the greatest protection for functioning ecosystems;
  4. Improve the general public awareness, sensitivity and responsiveness to the destruction of biological diversity and the functioning of Florida's valuable public conservation lands through a comprehensive educational program.

This program incorporates the fundamentals of ecosystem management by relying on the expertise of public land managers throughout the state to provide direction for available funding for upland invasive non-native plant control.