Southwest Florida CISMA

Who we are

The mission of this group is to coordinate and increase efforts between local, state and federal agencies and landowners of all sizes. The goal is to reduce the impact of or eliminate invasive, non-native plants and non-native animals by combining programs and resources to address invasive species on a landscape level to achieve common goals and objectives. Education and outreach will play a vital role in securing cooperation with public lands, private landowners, homeowners and visitors to the region.

This group was founded in September 2008 after a long history of cooperative efforts on public and private lands in this region with many efforts that spilled over onto private lands.


Report Invasive Species Sightings in Florida
If you've got a live animal in front of you in Florida right now, call 1-888-IVE-GOT-1

21st Annual Southwest Florida Invasive Species Workshop February 2, 2017

Non Native Fish Roundup, April 8, 2017

Non Native Freshwater Fish Identification Guide (FFWCC)

UF-IFAS Cane Toad Brochure

Toad Identification

One toad at a time: Naturalist aims to help protect environment from invasive cane toads

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