Suncoast CISMA

Suncoast Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to address the threat to native diversity within the Suncoast Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area by coordinating and increasing efforts to eliminate or reduce invasive, non-native plants and animals across public and private boundaries."

Grass ID Workshop

Grasses are an important component of any habitat and are key in determining the health of an ecosystem, but they are often difficult to identify. Gregg Walker and Kim Gulledge of FNAI held a hands on approach to identifying native, non-native and invasive grasses. Suncoast CISMA Grass Identification Workshop was November 10th, 2016 at the Little Manatee River State Park in Wimauma.

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Suncoast CISMA Training - Pollinators, Chemicals and Sprayer Calibration

Training was held March 1st, 2016 at the Sarasota County IFAS Extension Office in Sarasota. Pinellas County Mosquito Control and Vegetation Management staff taught and demonstrated calibration and use of equipment used to treat invasive plants including equipment use demonstrations, math calculations, etc. Leanne Lake (Pinellas County) and Alyssa Vinson (Sarasota County) discussed the timing and effects of herbicides on bees, butterflies, etc.

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