Need help with invasive species on your property?

Program Name Contact info Brief description of program/type of assistance offered
UF IFAS Extension Seminole
Extension provides assistance in plant and animal identification. Additionally, they provide information on how invasive species spread, techniques for reducing invasive species populations, appropriate replacement species for replanting, and other general technical assistance. Programs and agents work in cooperation with other partners to ensure compatibility with existing land use and suitable habitat management post-treatment.
FWC Landowner Assistance Program Mark Asleson<
Provide free upland and aquatic invasive plant evaluations and management planning to landowners of forested lands, farms or ranches. LAP Biologists also provide guidance and planning for landowners who own less than 20 acres and are interested in controlling invasive plants. Options may also be available for landowners to explore financial assistance through cost-share programs and grants. LAP Biologists develop forestry and wildlife management plans for USDA-NRCS financial assistance programs which includes invasive species control.
Florida Forest Service Dana Sussman
With owners’ permission, Forest Service staff can treat invasive plants on lands adjacent to state forests. The Florida Forest Service’s county foresters can show private landowners how to identify invasive plants on their property and advise them how to manage them. County foresters can help forest landowners to apply for cost-sharing to reduce the cost of managing their forest.