2021 Florida Invasive Species Symposium – Presentations

Wednesday, September 1st

Keynote Speaker – Implications of Climate Change for Invasive Species, Carrie Brown-Lima

Herbicides 2021 – A long hard look at the herbicide toolbox and the future of glyphosate, Stephen Enloe, UF IFAS CAIP

Herbicides 2021 – Create a plan! Implementing effective IPM strategies in upland settings, Deb Stone, FL DEP

Herbicides 2021 – The continued refinement of triclopyr use patterns for invasive plant control, Stephen Enloe, UF IFAS CAIP

Herbicides 2021 – Update from the Invasive Plant Management Association, Jim Burney, IPMA

Herbicides 2021 – FWC Upland Plant Management Program Updates, Linda King, FWC

Thursday, September 2nd

Emerging Invaders & Pathways – Utilizing rapid risk assessment and consensus building to identify invasive species threats in Florida, Deah Lieurance, UF IFAS

Emerging Invaders & Pathways – More Northern Aggression: Invasive Species Threats to Florida Forests from Higher Latitudes, David Coyle, Clemson

Emerging Invaders & Pathways – Moss balls and zebra mussels, Wesley Daniel, USGS

Emerging Invaders & Pathways – Prevention and Decontamination, Cody Miller, TNC

Biological Control – Biological control of Chinese tallow in the Southeastern US; is it about to become a reality?, Dr. Greg Wheeler

Biological Control – Lilioceris egena: a bulbil-busting beetle soon appearing at your favorite air potato infestation, Dr. F. Allen Dray

Biological Control – Biological Control of Brazilian Peppertree, Dr. Carey Minteer

Biological Control – Classical biocontrol of the cactus moth: an update on host range testing of a braconid parasitoid, Dr. Nicole Benda