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Florida Keys Invasive Exotics Task Force

Who we are

The Florida Keys Invasive Exotics Task Force (Task Force) was organized in early 1996 to address the proliferation of invasive exotic plants in the Florida Keys. The mission of the Task Force is “to coordinate and increase efforts to eliminate invasive, non-native plants by combining programs and resources to develop and implement a long term exotics removal and control plan for the Florida Keys.” Invasive animals were added to the group’s mission in 2005.

The Task Force is composed of biologists, planners and natural resource managers from local, state and federal agencies, non-profits and public utilities, as well as concerned citizens. The goals of the Task Force include documentation of existing populations, prioritization and control of infestations, public education, tracking of relevant legislation and promotion of interagency cooperation. Members meet bimonthly to quarterly to plan and update one another on current exotics control projects, education and outreach efforts, and early detection/rapid response strategies.

County: Monroe Keys


What's New

Meeting Minutes - January 2018

Identification Guide For Invasive Exotic Plants of the Florida Keys 2017

EDRR Scavenger Hunt

Meeting Minutes - June 9, 2011

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